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Friends Only

This journal is friends only, not to keep people out, but more to keep tabs on who is in!
Please feel welcome to friend me, I'll probably friend you back. Feel free to leave a comment here introducing yourself. If you like talking about historial clothing then you are very welcome!


There are some pics (updated 14/07/12) under the cut showing the sorts of things I've made, and so you can see a bit who I am! I re-enact 1480 Florence bu tas you can see I do a lot of other costuming also.

Pics...Collapse )

Friends only

I thought I might mention it, because I can't remember if I have or not but this journal has gone over to friends only.

I am slowly converting the old entries to friends only, but it takes time because my computer that needs replacing crashes often when I edit/post entries, so maybe I change one, maybe five before it crashes, but crash it does.  Not to mention there are a few to be changed.

All my dress diary stuff still gets posted at dress diaries, its more just I like to think I know who is reading.  It also means I don't have to remember to change entries to friends only all the time, and it means I can feel a bit more private when having a bit of a bitch about things too- lol. Because though anyone could get access to friends only entries, it stil isn't like its easy for the whole world, if you get what I mean.

It just occured to me that anyone looking at my journal might think I've abandoned it beause all the open entries re a bit old now, and I haven't.

I am not superduper private, I am pretty much happy to add anyone- I figure most people who want to add me will be people interested in history/re-enactment/historical clothing/costuming or something. If we don't know each other its nice to let me know how you came accross me :D

Sometime I will be doing a friends only post, a proper one,but not right now.  It will have pictures though :D


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